The Knobtail


Nephrurus is a genus of 11 species which are commonly referred to as knob-tailed geckos due to the "knob" like feature at the distal end of their tail.  Nephrurus are a burrowing, nocturnal, terrestrial desert gecko.  These geckos have a ton of personality and are a great addition to any enthusiasts' collection.  Currently, we work with N. levis levisN. levis pilbarensis, N. deleani, N. laevissimus, N. asper, N. amyae, N. wheeler cinctus  N. vertebralis, and N. stellatus, with hopes of adding more species to the collection in the near future.


Nephrurus levis levis


Commonly referred to as the Smooth Knob-tailed gecko, N. levis levis is the more common of the 3 subspecies of the N. levis complex in herpetoculture.  This gecko is quite prolific and is a great introduction to anyone looking into keeping a knob-tailed gecko.  Our N. levis levis collection typically displays bright red coloration.    

Nephrurus vertebralis


Due to the vertebral stripe starting at the base of the head and running along the entire length of its body, N. vertebralis is commonly known as the Midline Knob-tailed gecko.   Like N. levis levis, N. vertebralis is very prolific and are one of the less demanding Nephrurus.  N. vertebralis is still uncommon in the hobby, due to its scarcity in collections, and is seldom seen offered for sale.  Our N. vertebralis collection are typically high patterned animals which displays bright red coloration.     

Nephrurus stellatus


N. stellatus has a scattered, dotted pattern resembling a starry night and is dubbed the starred knob-tailed gecko. Having a natural distribution on the coast of Southern Australia, N. stellatus desire cooler temperatures compared to other Nephrurus.  We're happy to be able to have these quite rare geckos in our collection.  Our N. stellatus collection typically displays bright yellow coloration.