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Hello and thank you for visiting The Knobtail!

My name is Houssam Istanbouli, phonetically pronounced "who~sawm". I'm a Lebanese American who immigrated to the United States, California to be specific, at the age of 10. I have always had an obsession with animals. Most of you who own reptiles know exactly what I am talking about! My first pets growing up in the Middle East were Syrian Greek Tortoises, which I can say started my early obsession.  Besides reptiles, the only other animals I own is my dog Neela, a female american pit bull terrier.  


My goal at The Knobtail is to be able to contribute to herpetoculture by providing healthy and unique animals.  I urge you, before buying any animal, to do your research and be certain that you will be able to give that animal the best quality of life, for the entirety of its life, wether it is as pet or a future breeder.

Thank you,

Houssam Istanbouli
The Knobtail